Sam ZT
2 months ago

Self talk/mantras

I wish I was more concise so this could help someone else! Anyways, a lot of the daily tips have really spoken to me lately and I had previously put a self talk thought as a task item I checked every day to recall it. Now I don’t feel like it’s necessarily the top priority for my needs right now to think of before other more pressing things. Somehow, today this led me to discovering an article on the 7 mantras successful people repeat to themselves daily. I haven’t read them all yet, but so far, so good. I think I may put these in my daily rituals to think about them each. I feel like I’m finally at a transition point in my life where I should look forward thoughtfully instead of backwards for clarity. Does anyone else have these as a daily tasks to keep you on track overall? I’m too much of a details girl, I need help to become more well intentioned with my future. Is this overkill? Will it help?

aliona :3


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