5 months ago

Explaining ADHD to my husband

Are there any recommended resources to share with my husband that might help him understand me a little better. He is extremely supportive but sometimes I just feel like he doesn’t get it (understandably) and I want to provide him some helpful information for 1. Understanding and 2. How to help me. He said to me this morning “I get it, sometimes I have a really hard time focusing too” …. And I didn’t know how to explain that it’s so much more than that.


Well I have shown tiktoks to my partner, and also talk him through my experiences, I also have accepted that maybe he doesn’t have to fully understand it for him to be empathetic with my situation without judging me. Sometimes I just want to talk about how I feel or maybe complain, so we ask each other “do you need a logical answer or an emotional one? Or, is this an emotional conversation or a problem solving one?” and that has helped us ALOT! Hope this helps ◡̈


Brene Brown just posted a youtube video on it.

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