2 months ago

Anyone else got a really bad burnout a few months after ADHD diagnosis

I know that self awareness/diagnosis can help you understand how you’ve been in mini burnout cycles for a while, from trying to “work harder” as one of the few coping mechanisms at your disposal when feeling like you’re *not enough* / *not doing enough*. But now I’m in a burnout worse than any of the ‘mini’ burnouts before, from pushing myself even more once I was granted more access to tools to do better (e.g., tools, therapy protocols, the permission to do things differently than others in order to achieve the same thing).


I got a bad burnout a few months after my diagnosis… I was medicated and was therefore able to push myself a bit more, but it wasn’t just the diagnosis/medication. I live abroad and I had to combine full time work plus being a single mom and go back to my home country to prepare, sell and empty an apartment I had there. It was very stressful and finally when I had finished the extremely huge task I got sick with severe muscle inflammations in my chest, arm and back… first at the doctors clinic they thought I was having a heart attack because of the intense pain and the location of it. Then a family member passed away a few months after and I lost my spark, so the inflammations have been coming back ever since. I’m still in treatment, I get physiotherapy every week… I’m hoping to be fine eventually, but I need to reduce the stressors in my everyday life to recover properly. I’m convinced that the tools are great, but that you have to use them the right way. Being able to do more is not my goal anymore, because I’ve always done everything and even more… I lean on the tools to find a way of doing the things I already did, but in a more sustainable way. One really positive thing I like about Numo is that it recently reminded me that very few things on my to-do list are related relaxing self-care and that I have schedule at least 2 self-caring activities. 💛

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