3 months ago

Much better quality of Living trough sports

I had a very hard time procrastinating. Ive always said: ill do it tomorrow and didnt do it. Once a Week i did everything at once when the hyperfocus and guilt hit at the same time. But since i started this routine where I wake up at 06 in the Morning, I go for a run and then a workout I feel like I can do anything. I brush my teeth regulary. ( idk but i had problems with that) and i get all my task or many tasks of the Day done! Im listening to motivational podcasts while working out and it actualy pushes me. Im feeling very confident, and nothing dragged me down since. Im doing this since two weeks and i am afraid its just one of those ADHD Phases that some of us get. But im bruttaly strict with myself and never hit snooze. Just wanted to share this with you!✌️


Thank you for sharing. For sure exercise helps with me too. Being a mom of three, homeschooler, business manager and homemaker makes setting a set schedule very difficult. Maybe my issue is that I need to stick with a strict schedule.... it's so tough to do that though when managing so many people... but I think I will try that and see how it goes... and brushing teeth is a huge challenge in this house too. 4 adhd people... yeah lots of dental work needed in this house lol

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