18 days ago

I’m feeling the worse person in the world

I loser the chance to do an important test because I forgot to check the correct hour… I studied all the year for this, but the anxiety but confused me in the days before… Now I have to wait one more year… I can't believe this is happened… I feel stupid… I feel tired and now I have thoughts telling me to give up


I know how you feel. I missed out on a huge business contract recently because I was avoiding sending the proposal. I struggle with perfectionism and it's bad just been crippling me lately. :( I feel shit too.


Ahhh.. I understand this is so disappointing for you.. feels for you 😓 It may be hard to hear this but many opportunities I missed that I desperately wanted ended up being for the best.. life had better plans for me 🥰 I also try to think how I would feel in 5 years time, would it matter? How did I make those years count? You’ve got this 😊🙏🏼

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