8 months ago

Don’t feel bad about needing accomodations.

I know some people with ADHD who use pre-cut fruits because they know they just wouldn’t eat fruits if they had to prepare/peel them, some who use disposable toothbrushes (the ones that already have toothpaste on it). Who order food online quite often, who take baths instead of showers, who use shower stools so they can sit. My point is that it’s absolutely fine to use things that weren’t necessarily designed for ADHD, or that aren’t the best in terms of ecology, if it helps you. What matters is that it makes you life easier. Don’t compare yourself too much to neurotypical people, it’s okay. I used to feel terrible about these sorts of things, and KC Davis’s Struggle Care podcast helped me a lot (I recommend it, she’s a mom with ADHD and she talks about ways of coping through the lens of letting go of guilt). Sometimes we need things that most people don’t need, and it’s fine !


Thank you for posting this. I would definitely buy takeout everyday if I can because the whole thing with food is really exhausting.


Thanks for bringing this up. I order food online everyday, sometimes even twice a day and it makes me feel guilty

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