5 months ago

Any tips for a dad with ADHD?

I'm going home today, after an extended stay at a psychiatric ward, due to burnout. I have routines for the stuff I've been doing while here (meals, meds, sleep schedule). Some of that will work when I get home, while some of it has to be adjusted. Other than that, do you have any tips for staying sane while being a good enough parent during summer vacation? (My son also might have ADHD btw).


Hi there! Fellow ADHD parent, here. My son was diagnosed as having ADHD as well. This summer has done a number on a lot of parents, I’m sure! Hopefully you have linked up with an ADHD aware therapist while in residential, that you can lean on during the transition. One of the things that has helped me a lot in the last year or so is staying regular on weekly therapy. It helps me stay accountable for my mental health and the best way for us to be good parents is to be good to ourselves, to keep ourselves healthy and regulated. Which is no easy feat with executive dysfunction always knocking at the door. I’ve found that being as open as possible (while remaining age appropriate) has helped my kids cope and understand what is going on with Momma. Letting them in on my struggles just enough so that they know my bad/dysregulated days are no fault of their own and just a symptom of my brain’s wiring being just a little bit wonky. We are a neurodivergent household (husband has ADHD too) so we try to talk openly about it all. Most importantly, give yourself time and grace. You have been through so much and you’re not always going to get it right, but you are trying to be the best Dad you can be, and that’s enough. I am wishing you a smooth transition back to home and a beautiful rest of the summer with your boy. 💜

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