5 months ago

My way of being more productive

I am a calendar type of person. I have to have time constraints; otherwise, I cannot function properly. In my calendar, I usually put things that are “absolute must in the period” and cannot be avoided or postponed (for example, I had psychiatric therapy today). Other stuff I am putting into a to-do list with clearly marked deadlines. I handle them using my wristwatch (Garmin 7s) very simply. I have predefined periods, and when I start, I usually start a countdown for 45 minutes (sometimes 35, sometimes 60), and I try to stay focused. After that, I begin the countdown of 10 or 15 minutes, and in that period, I do something that has value in my metrics (clean the house, wash the dishes, or something similar). After that, I start the “work period” again. It works for me 80 percent of the time. I know I should use the term “Pomodoro technique,” but I can not stand that phrase.


That’s impressive! I need to try that!

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