6 months ago

Tips to keep you focused

I’m 27 and one year ago I found out about ADHD and since then I started to learn more about my self and how to live daily life including this condition. Now I’m looking for tips how to make routine more entertaining. For example, now I’m washing my dishes step-by-step. Soaping, flushing, wiping. Before first two steps were done simultaneously. Big plus, is that I’m focused more on process (also saving water). I’m sure that this is obvious way to do it for some of you, but not for me =) So, now I’m looking for more tips like this stay more focused. Thank you


That’s great your aware and headed in the right direction! I was diagnosed 10 years ago so I’ve discovered a lot things about myself. One thing is the more pressure I feel to do something the longer I’ll take to do it. Just because I have to. I don’t like having to do things. But not really a option. So If it’s something I absolutely have to do. I used to just do the first part. I.e. bring all the laundry to laundry room. And then forget about it. Then when I would remember I would sort it and get distracted. And not start a load. Now I tell myself “How long will it actually take me to bring it all down, sort it and get it started” it’s always under 45 min. So I stay focused by making sure I do whatever it is in the time I said I could get it done. (Competing against myself kinda?) Once I do that. It feels very rewarding and then I’m determined to get it all done. Also sorting before doing laundry makes it so much easier for me. Because I can just keep things going rather then having to sort out another load each time one finishes. I hope this helps a little or at least makes sense. 😊

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