4 months ago

For future updates...

Please let me know if i'm missing how to do any of these better in this app. *Way to search posts, indicate you read them, and follow post for additions/updates. When I scroll there are similar questions so not sure which i've already read without opening. Plus there's bookoo info spread out across posts with no way to...unmess them. It's like we are recreating the wheel and never roll. 😭 *Please make back button available whole time. A post with lots of comments you have to scroll all the way back up for back button. *Please make emergency-ish checklist or flow chart in the stories like..."Things to try to get out of adhd paralysis." "What to do when you can't seem to actually DO anything." or "Am I beyond help." or "When you don't have other humans in your life nor money but need help." Preferably with easy to digest, cave man speak to avoid overwhelm. And maybe link to related community posts at the end of the story. *When done with the subscription trial, is there an email or something to be notified when significant updates are made to this app? Seems this app is in a young stage but will be great as it goes along. I'd LOVE to subscribe but I can't afford it. *Is there a oh-my-gosh-you-need-help sponsorship or merit program? Or a you-can-use-this-app-free-by-providing-feedback-to-improve-and-grow-app program? Or submit-a-spelling-error-and-win-more-subscription-time?


i can't figure it out neither... they need to work on the platform or whatever you can it

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