4 months ago


I have to make my own schedule for work (I'm a private practice psychotherapist), and I cannot seem to set up a consistent system to keep me from 10 back-to-back sessions in a day or 3 sessions spread out over an entire day. I will end up with some space but then someone needs to reschedule or has an emergency so they need a session right away. I legit love what I do and I am getting so mentally fatigued I feel like I'm dissociating or in a waking dream at times. How can I take myself from 9+ clients a day to something more like 24 spread out over the week? (Bonus points for answers that also won't entail letting anyone down!)


Just a thought but scheduling can be hard work to stick to and I have been trying to block things for my study and forcing myself to take a 15 minute brake. You may need to set a long time but I do it by setting an alarm on my phone to remind me to get up and do something else so that I can come back and stay focused. Maybe a timer on your desk. I find the quirkier the interruption as in sound or a visual thing makes me smile 😊 pay attention to that need and take that brake. I am suffering from burn out and it deeply sucks

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