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Do we have any doctors on this app who have ADHD?

I know a man who is a doctor has ADHD and he says when he took medication, it prevented him from doing his job correctly. I’m curious if there is medications that help us be who we are but just helps motivate us. I take some herbs and amino acids that work for me ( I’m not a doctor) but a book from Dr Daniel Amen who raised kids with Adhd has recommended trying natural medicine before prescription but knows prescriptions do help! ( We are all different ) and I’m not against prescriptions. I think they are great. I’m kinda rambling. I just want to know what works for people. 😂


i’m a doctor. i’m a pediatrician. i was diagnosed with adhd as an adult, during medical residency. i have mostly innattentive adhd, so i struggled a lot with getting to work on time, remembering everything i had to do, focusing on my tasks, etc. my personal life became chaotic because i was overwhelmed by my work responsibilities, my daily routine, and the long working hours. for me, taking medication for adhd kind of saved my life. i’d become so frustrated and overwhelmed that i was already depressed and severely anxious, and just couldn’t get anything done. i think my mental health is a lot better now, and i’m definetely a better professional thanks to treatment. nothing changed about my personality or my traits, in fact i’m a lot more confident to express myself now. still, everyone has their individual experience, so medication can have different impacts on people. answering your question though, there are many different options of medication that can be used to treat adhd. the most used are stimulants, but there ate different types among them, and there are also other options such as certain anti-depressants for instance. all of them can have benefita and side effects, and no matter which you use or not use, the most important therapy is learning more about yourself and developing your own skills and mechanisms to deal with your struggles. also, we never treat children the same way as adults - since a child is still in development we have to think more carefully before prescribing drugs and sometimes less “invasive” strategies are tried first. tldr: treatment is a very individual thing, each person has their demands and the things that work better for them.

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