26 days ago

I really don’t like negative self talk


Me either I just posted about negative self talk give it a read it may help it may not but hopefully it does! And hey you're doing an awesome job remember what we compare or judge ourselves by is just a societal norm be OK with yourself and how you operate because that's what makes you so awesome and unique so you think you don't fit in society's idea of what you should be or what normal is, do you really want to be like those people I surely don't and in so I don't respect or take their judgements to heart unless it's someone I care about their opinions don't matter to me! Keep your head up and like Dory says just keep swimming just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming, find your people and you won't have as many judgemental thoughts about yourself because your people will accept and love the real authentic you!! Embrace who you are because you, what you bring to the table, and your uniqueness are needed in this world!!

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