3 months ago


For the longest time my relationship tend to not last since most of the guys I date are flakey but the guy I’m with now he wants to be with me but has no clue that I have adhd I told him today and I’m waiting for a response should I expect for him to break up with me or should I have hope? I very rarely see when people like me date at all because well I always get that comment saying you have a boyfriend? and i think because i have adhd you think I’m incapable of dating someone? Which idk does anyone feel that way should i hope for the better or walk away?


Idk if that helps but I know many people with ADHD being in happy relationships (and I am too). Concerning your worries: I told a friend of mine yesterday that I have ADHD and she told me that doesn't change my loving personality or the way she sees me - because ADHD has always been with me and has always been me, and nothing changed except that I now have a word/a label for it. So, my conclusion might be: If he really likes you, having a word for that won't change it. Maybe he can understand some of your reactions better now 💜

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