4 months ago

How to cope with dual diagnoses?

I have diagnoses for both ADHD and OCD. They wreak havoc on me simultaneously sometimes amplifying one another, sometimes negating each other. It makes it hard to tell what is causing what irritation within me or what tools to use when. Anyone else struggle with this?


I have ADHD, GAD and Im autistic, so yes! I struggle a lot with it. Example: A part of me needs everything in the right place in order for my brain to go on and start a new task. The other part is the one creating the chaos where everything is everywhere except for the “right” place. And that makes me procrastinate the task that I want to get done. Because it’s one more task added to the original task. If that makes any sense? And also! I have noticed that my hyperactive brain is really good at worrying, but since i started with my adhd meds the anxiety and worrying has reduced a bit.

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