5 months ago

Overcoming Perfectionism?

I have diagnosed OCD, and have a tendency to feel like I need to get all aspects of my deep cleaning done all in one day. I have a hard time prioritizing tasks and splitting them up. If I don't complete everything in one day, I feel like I have to start all over. Does anyone have any tools I can use or strategies to overcome this?


Friennnd, I know what you mean. I’ve never received an official diagnosis for OCD (my parents didn’t really want me to be diagnosed) but have always had severe symptoms of it my whole life (such as many touching/numbering repetitions, a need for organization, and very intrusive thoughts). I find that my OCD tendencies clash a lot with my ADHD. I want organization, but only organize in random spurts when I’m motivated. This leads to many days spent upset, because I deeply want my house to be spotless and clean (I feel that, when my house is in order, my mind is in order), but I very much lack the ability to maintain that cleanliness all the time. My advice is to always start will the big things: making sure everything is picked up out of the floor, bed is made, and things are put in there place. If I’ve been able to complete this, then I move on to deeper stuff: sweeping, vacuuming, and scrubbing surfaces. A lot of days, however, I don’t have the capacity to get to the deeper cleaning. On those days, I try to just clean up after myself - if I’m using the microwave, I’ll scrub the countertop while I’m waiting. If I’m cooking, I’ll do some dishes if stuff is baking or sitting in a pan. If I’m watching TV, I’ll try to fold some laundry while I do so. I clean best when I’m also doing something else ;) Also, inviting people over often always give me the motivation and determination to deep clean my house often lol. We don’t have the most efficient ways of functioning, but with some grace for ourselves, knowing what we’re capable of in a day, and grit, we can do it!

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