1 month ago

Are we all high sensitive persons?

I have recently deal with a lot of anxiety because some sport partners had been awfully unrespectful with me, also their behavior isn't healthy competition but bullying and confabulation. It was so hard to me to put that aside the game. I have cried a lot and felt so indignant and harmed. Now, with some advices from my coach I feel better; but when I was dealing with all of that by myself I really tried to manage my emotions and it was imposible to me, I felt sick, I got sick, and in those days When my heart started to beat faster just thinking in a confrontation I wasn't able to controll it. I am so glad my coach gave me a word of calm; but I don't want to experience that ever again in my life! If any of your experiences can help me for that or make me feel less the problem I'll appreciate it. Thanks!


Everything you’re saying is resonating with me. Things that mildly help me is discussing the issue with limited people, also asking them to not bring the topic up unless I do so, 5 min Meditation or Breathing exercise, screaming into the pillow, shake my body, literally shake to get all my emotions + thoughts off myself. Those are things that only help me mildly and sometimes only for a few minutes, but 10 mins less suffering is worth it.

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