3 months ago

Help: Growing anxiety concerning tasks

I have a lot to do this week: some appointments concerning my pets, some household tasks and some bigger tasks like tidying up all my forgotten laundry, sorting books out etc pp I feel a growing anxiety in my gut that I cannot do any of these tasks and I just want to lay down and sleep or cry. Are there any "hacks" I could try to overcome these negative emotions and get toing anything?


you could try to just focus at one task at a time and break them down into smaller tasks (this app can help you with this quiet well). Also don’t stress to much about having to do everything. Know that it’s okay if you don’t manage to do all the tasks you planned. Celebrate small achievements like just starting to do a task (that you may have put off for some time). Just doing something is already an achievement (i know it can be difficult to convince one self of that but it’s true). Also what can help to start is to take of the pressure of having to finish the task. So you could say I just do xy for 10min and maybe you stop after that time or maybe you got hyperfocused on that task and even finish it in one go. I hope that helps :)

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