7 months ago

Trying to move on

Have a huge Crush on someone who I think is absolutely perfect but they are dating someone else, moving on sucks, but iv been obsessed with someone before and it always hurts more at the end, so yeah it’s hard but there’s always someone out there me knowing this person exists means theres more people who shine the same or more.


It definitely sucks. When I am well emotionally I am only attracted romantically to people that like me inside out and of course they are compatible and nice people as well. Not just anyone who likes me. But when I was emotionally in a bad place I was attracted viciously and long term to people that were unavailable or they couldn’t see me romantically. So there is a person out there actually people that can see how you bright you shine. Look for them yo deserve that. Why like someone romantically who can’t see you the same way. You can definitely stay friends of course.

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