Julia from Numo
24 days ago

hyper-fixation question

If you could choose only one hyper-fixation for the rest of your life, what would it be?


This is hard because MY hyper-fixation is a costly one. So do I get an infinite budget? Because I shop! I spend hours and hours a day shopping. I’ve gotten better, I’m changing it. Trying to NOT shop because it’s thrown us into crippling debt. My husband said yesterday he wanted to get another card JUST for Christmas, and I kid you not. A glint of me, just sitting on the floor and throwing all these things I could finally buy was being thrown in the air. And I was elated! So dangerous! I love to buy clothes, I love to buy thing that I can fix around the house. I love to buy sensory items for the boys. I love to buy toys for the boys. I love to buy kindle books. Or other items that can make others happy. And shoes! And handbags!!! Oh I miss my handbags! And beauty products. So bad! So very very bad! I would TOTALLY just shop for the rest of my life! But to change this problematic behavior I have been moving to reading book on my kindle. I read ALL THE TIME!!! I LOVE READING!!!!



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