4 months ago

Put your baby too sleep?

I been a mom for 10 years and I always hated bed time, my youngest is 1 year old and I still hate to just lay there until they sleep. Before I used my Phone for distraction, but this little girl wont let me. But sometimes i love it, just so Cosy, and sometimes i hate it and just wanna run away. Anyone has some superhack for being able too lat still when you really wanna do everything else but at the same wanna be there for your baby..


You can tell her stories about your day in a soft voice, in case you are practicing gratitude/ do mindfulness training this would be a method to combine the two and use it for yourself to let your thoughts about the pass. If you don’t want to tell her about your day you can tell her memories of your past, happy ones or other interesting things- this too is beneficial for yourself again because we tend to forget far to soon about some events- even if they seem to be less meaningful ->> it sometimes happens to me that by thinking about one random thing in the past I suddenly remember all the periphery of circumstances and persons, things I liked at that moment, hobbies I used to have, shows on tv I used to watch!

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