3 months ago

Dust Buster

I pickup my Dust Buster to vacuum the floor. (I have a robot vacuum, named Oreo, but he isn't useful for this kind of thing...) So I used the Dust Buster to maybe vacuum up a small area or maybe do the entire floor... Or.... Maybe I'll stop halfway through and decide that I need to put the dishes in the sink? And then maybe I'll decide that I need to wash those dishes? Or I might go back to Dust Busting. Or maybe I'll need to move a thing out of the way and when I do, suddenly I'm tackling that drawer I needed to reorganize? Or maybe it's the storage closet? Because that's where the thing goes that I found while Dust Busting? Or maybe I only do the entire floor? Or maybe today's a day where I try and it just doesn't work? Those days are few and far between because the days that this does work are often and many! And maybe buying your own Dust Buster so you can try my Dust Busting method will help you too? Or... Maybe it'll be a waste of $50 bucks? But maybe it won't? You know you better than I do. And you know what financial risks are more likely to work than not. I hope this helps you out my Homeslices!! - Danni Kay 🧁💕"

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