2 months ago

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Hey, I was joking with my husband this morning that I need a henchman to keep me organized. Hope this app helps. Does anyone have tips for using the app to its fullest?


Make sure you keep scrolling in the Discover tab because it took me a day or two to realize there was a whole lot more in this app hahaha! All the different courses and tools are down there, as well as the most recent/all posts (not just "hot" posts). This app rewards you with so many different customization options too. So make sure you're always playing with your settings. We ADHD people love little things like that haha! Also, this is the safest space to speak your mind and your feelings without judgment. Perhaps instead of posting a Facebook status or Thread, where there is potential for judgement, post here instead. You will be rewarded with like-minded people throwing you support and relating to you! Welcome to the app!

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