4 months ago

Relating to the characters on „Superstore“ (Netflix)

I loved watching all seasons and really miss all the staff member- even Justine! Does anybody share that feeling of relatability as person with ADHD—> I feel like my inner child, subconsciously craving for all the heavy sensory/optical stimuli/features of Cheyenne‘s style, celebrating her style but also envying her outfits in every episode! *~* (Although she often appears kinda stupid in what she’s saying she totally speaks to me, and her excuse is her cuteness, as I wish mine was) Anything that Amy stands for are the qualities of a big sister- she is so good at adulting- which is why I could only look up to her. She deserves the A+ at responsibility, smart ways to solve things and is liked by many..it’s the credibility she has built up over the years, that I could only dream of being able to show somebody :/ Mostly Jonah is the character that fits me as a woman self dx‘ed with ADHD just recently the most. He always wants the best, tries hard- advocates his original ideas and has unusual creativity. But still he is often the one everybody avoids because he seems to be annoying. in terms of making people roll their eyes over gorgeous plans, he can only ne topped by Marcus , the weird nut with high self esteem… Jonah on the other hand is the sensitive mind, the one looking at the world with good intentions and boasting with a shipload of semi-useful knowledge, because he has a broad spectrum of interests..nonetheless- he can’t shine with a straight career path, is a study drop out who wishes to make his parents proud, working on training his self esteem. He wants to bring more meaning into the things he is doing at work, often running against windmills cause new paths are considered as unnecessary, when there is already a road well known. It happens that tasks he is working on really go wrong because he seems to be inattentive at times. Just like me, doing a ton of stuff all at once, in the effort to make a difference and achieve things, but unlikely to succeed visibly


Omg I love Superstore! It’s my comfort programme and I’m currently rewatching it for the 3rd time 😅😂 Amy is such a mood, but honestly I think in terms of my ADHD, I’m a solid blend of Garret, Jonah and Matteo. Odd mix I know, but it’s true 😂😂

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