2 months ago

Meal prepping

Have any of you guys successfully meal prepped before? I feel like any time I make food ahead of time I don't feel like eating it and crave something else. Any tips really appreciated! 👑


My mom has that exact problem I learned to prep from Bright line Eating and they have you package up all three meals for the week. It’s a lot of work, but it’s so great when you can just grab a tray and eat. I started it when I was recovering from an accident and had a PSW helping me. I’m still not strong enough to do it all at once, but this week I have been at least cooking all my food. I start as soon as I come home from the grocery. I put my beans to soak. And cut up my kale, left it to soak and lettuce and put it in the spinner and bagged it. Instead of putting everything away I just start cooking. The next day I cook the beans and take out the cuisinart and cut up the veggies. My kale was still soaking and went bad. Two days later I roasted the chicken and some sweet potatoes. Two days later I sliced and baked the squashes. One had already gone bad. I cut them up serving size instead of dicing them. I froze them last night. This way every meal I can go to the fridge and put something together quickly and just warm it up. It gives me variety and I know I am eating the right foods. It’s not as rigid as prepackaging everything but I think it’s a good alternative for now. I hope that helps. And watch the bright line eating videos. You can prep along with them on YouTube. I like the company. It keeps me going. Hope that helps.

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