1 month ago

Food problem!

Bought groceries without a plan. Got home and can’t make anything to eat…. I’m food illiterate and I want to eat healthy and everything I would eat 10 years ago was cheap and easy. Now I worry about my health and can’t find easy cheep food that doesn’t have rat poison ( additives ) Funny but true. I will probably stop at the gas station and eat the food I wasn’t planning on eating anyway


This is why I can’t buy full grocery orders. I just pick up ingredients for whatever I feel like making for dinner each evening. It gets annoying going to the grocery store so often but it helps me save on food waste and I avoid having a kitchen full of ingredients that don’t go together. I try to stay stocked up on snacks and frozen fruits and veggies for smoothies… I’m a grazer during the day so that’s what works for me.

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