Sam ZT
1 month ago


Does anyone else feel like they’ve added too many tasks? I’ve been using the app for over 100 days (I’m proud of myself, even if I had some bad days and weeks). I’ve started deleting tasks I’m getting into an easy routine. I’m struggling with handling very urgent tasks bc I get wrapped up in these day to day ones, and don’t get to my backlog. It’s so hard to climb out once you’ve buried your head in the sand. Success and catch up will not happen in one day, but darn it’s hard to change my Mindset. Is anyone else going thru this? I think I can use the categories to simplify, but I’m SO curious what categories you added and how it has changed your task routine.


Yes the tags for urgent tasks and then at the top click urgent so that you’re just seeing the ones that you need to do. If it’s my cleaning day I hit house or laundry so I focus on just that. Hope that helps

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