1 month ago

How to stop sleep procrastination... Doing it right now


I do this, often out of guilt for not having accomplished what I needed to for the day. Mind you, I still don’t accomplish anything except putting myself behind for the next day. Allow yourself a pass to sleep with the knowledge that rest will get you further with more energy the next day.


Maybe putting an award to have right after U wake up in morning (if U went to bed on time of course) can work🤔😊


Have a sleep story & procrastinate on it 😃 I seriously do that, over years i have made these imaginary stories which i think on during bedtime. I feel now my brain has cued them for sleep & i sleep faster. Some are really silly ones like going to a party & flirting, lol or singing in a competition & winning it. 🤣 Ok on a serious note, a psychologist told me this tactic. It’s about thinking stuff which you would really like to happen or makes you feel good, it relaxes the body & cues the brain.

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