6 months ago

How to stay composed in overwhelming situations?

I find myself in overwhelming situations a lot. I have a 1 year old that likes to throw tantrums and people that I care about that react very poorly to negative situations of any kind (those people are very close and dear to me, so “cutting them out of my life” is not valid advice in this situation). The stress of these things puts me in situations in which I’m feeling so many chaotic emotions too quickly for me to process them and usually end up having a an angry meltdown of sorts. Is there a way I can process everything a little better or manage myself in those situations?


Hmm, this is a bit of a tough one. I’m definitely not perfect at this (and I don’t think any of us are). If there’s any chance to step away into another room or even around a corner, you could try some deep breaths, even if just for 10-20 seconds. Might help interrupt the “wind-up” before a meltdown. Another thing that might help some is stimming, as a way of shaking off some of that nervous energy. When I get really overwhelmed I tend to shake my hands back and forth from the wrists, as fast as possible. It does seem to help.

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