Numo ADHD app reviews

Made and loved by the ADHD community

Irene G. 29 y.o.
The stories were fun. There’s so much useful info inside I can’t find elsewhere!
Annie B. 25 y.o.
Accountability is amazing! I see others doing similar tasks and it helps to do mine.
Elvis O. 27 y.o.
I struggle with procrastination so much and ADHD makes it so hard. I’ve never really cared to review, but this app is so good for structuring my brain. It makes everything so much easier.
Katie A. 23 y.o.
It’s simple, fun, and easy to start!
Andrew K. 26 y.o.
I love the notifications they’re like the only ones I have on my phone!
Nikki S. 19 y.o.
Numo helped me realize that the task I was putting off was not so daunting after all.
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Mark T. 24 y.o.
I’ve tried ADHD apps before, but the inclusion of cat gifs really made me think Numo is the one for me.
Ryan G. 24 y.o.
I wish this app existed before
Angela S. 32 y.o.
Love the app <3 Super helpful to have a productive week, so thank you.
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