ADHD Quotes: from Sad to Inspiring

Julia Ovcharenko, CEO at Numo
May 9, 2024

Hello again, fellow ADHD people! Times are always tough when you’re ADHD, aren’t they? One week, you manage to keep executive dysfunction at bay, clear your dreaded backlog of unread messages, go on a nice fun walk, work out strategies to minimize screen time, and things seem to be looking up, when suddenly you forget about this one appointment and everything goes awry😫 Life feels insurmountable…

 You’re not alone though, we all feel like that from time to time, and sometimes, all we need to feel better is the understanding voice of a friend who knows what we’re going through… Today, we’re bringing you some ADHD quotes to cheer you up, get you thinking about how to go about your differences, and play to your strengths - which you, as a neurodivergent person, have plenty of, no matter how tough the going may be at times.

Misunderstood ADHD Quotes

  1. It’s not even possible to be anything but yourself and still be happy; doing too much ADHD masking causes feelings of loneliness and can result in long-lasting psychic damage, so please accept and cherish your beautiful self even if others aren’t doing so.

  1. Nothing wrong with being both of these things! 

  1. It can sometimes take years and many attempts to find your people; yet it’s always worth it in the end (trust me).

Love ADHD Quotes

  1. Isn’t this beautiful?

  1. Screw those that say that you’re ‘too much,’ or ‘too loud,’ or ‘too’ anything!

Deep Sad ADHD Quotes

  1. I relate all too well… Emotional dysregulation is no joke.

  1. None of it is ‘an excuse’ or done on purpose! I wish neurotypicals would understand.

  1. And then no one cares about that complex web of feelings and ideas :/

  1. Who are we? ADHDers! What do we want? To stay in hyperfocus! When do we want it? Always! (Spoiler: that’s not happening, babe, I’m sorry🙁)

5. It’s common for ADHD people to have Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD), which can make what neurotypicals see as ‘the mildest’ criticism or suggestion cause incredible pain 🙁

ADHD Motivational Quotes

  1. If there’s something we ADHD people have in spades, it’s creativity! You deserve to apply it where and how you see fit 🙂

  1. Einstein once said that two things are infinite: the Universe and the space in an ADHDer’s brain that can be filled with all things improbable and exciting… What? No? This isn’t the exact quote? Okay then, have it your way. Still, I made my point.

  1. It’s okay if today’s mountain is a doom pile of all the strange stuff that you have no idea where to put or a stack of dirty dishes! You can do it - little by little!

  1. Life is tough, and everyone fails sometimes; yet, don’t let them take it out on you! You’re allowed to be an ADHD person living out your dreams - perhaps you’ll even inspire naysayers to try again and do the same. 

ADHD Inspirational Quotes

  1. Am I a mess? Quite possibly :( (Who tf let you guys into my room 😱!?) Am I glorious though? Absolutely!

  1. ADHD gets a bad rap (quite deservedly, as it can be viewed as a disability), yet, if it’s managed correctly and if you give yourself grace,  its benefits may very well be the reason you attain all that you wish for in life…

  1. Ever been picked on at school or in the workplace for being slow - or, conversely, being SO FAST that you have to redo stuff all over again and end up being slow? Tell all of your critics that Plato’s on your side and that their impressions of Flash the Sloth from Zootopia are not even that good (if you don’t tell them, who will?)

ADHD Funny Quotes

  1. I’m in this picture and I don’t like it…

  1. How to deal with coworkers (step 2) ✨

  1. Ah yes, the infinite wisdom of our primate ancestors…

ADHD Positive Quotes

  1. Yes! Go on that long walk (it’s good to have in-built GPS though, isn’t it) 😅

  1. Hear the expert speak! 😊

  1.  If the Universe didn’t love us, it wouldn’t have given us ADHD quotes like this one! Do you see yourself through a lens of love?
  1. An ADHD affirmation (there’s plenty more where that came from!) 💕

ADHD Awareness Quotes

  1. I hereby grant you permission to print this out and tape it to the wall of your classroom/workplace. Let those neurotypicals know!

  1. You can print this one out, too :)

ADHD Relationship Quotes

  1. Has anyone found these two? What are your thoughts?

2. If ADHDers and neurotypicals have a trait in common, it’s this: NO ONE likes being looked down on and treated like a child.

  1. Do you agree? Feel free to discuss in our Numo app :) 

ADHD Quotes for My Son

  1. And that’s the President of the United States for you! Just sayin’ 😁

  1. Sometimes you’re just in the wrong environment…

  1. Maybe that’s the case?

  1. This is one of the ADHD quotes showing us the extent to which this disorder can be disabling.

ADHD Quotes for Moms

  1. I wish every adult around an ADHD kid would internalize these words by Dr. Edward M. Hallowell.

  1. Some hopefully helpful stuff for mothers with ADHD🧡

  1. I know you’re not like this! ADHD kids should be allowed to be themselves - even if it makes the adults put in a bit extra work.

  1. Something to tell the teacher of your ADHD child.

  1. Please be compassionate with yourself AND your child… You both deserve it 💛

  1. One of the ADHD quotes to help you any time the going gets tough…

Living with ADHD Quotes

  1. Half of my life as an ADHDer is just trying to avoid this state…

  1. Can’t imagine… Oh no, wait, I can :/

  1. AND we manage to play the instruments (not always though, only when the hyperfocus hits)!

  1. Yes!! That’s exactly how it feels! Thank you, Anne of Green Gables, you’re a true ADHD legend and an infodumping apologist.

  1. A normal day in the life of an ADHD person. BTW, they say it’s unethical to use a laser to play with your cat, as it chips away at their confidence in their hunting abilities. Does that feel familiar? 😔

Adult ADHD Quotes

  1. Maybe it’s not us who are time blind; maybe the neurotypicals should just GET A LIFE! 😝

  1. Mmm, nothing like a pump of adrenaline and cortisol just before the deadline to get us ADHDers working…

  1. Amen! One of the ADHD quotes that will always be my gospel.

  1. ADHD in the workplace can be a challenge… Yet, with the appropriate accommodations, we can thrive! Let’s continue advocacy and see to it that every ADHD person gets supported by their bosses and coworkers!

ADHD Quotes for My Daughter

  1. Thanks to the efforts of the neurodivergent community to try and spread ADHD awareness, people do know now that ADHD in women and girls 1) exists and 2) may present differently; yet, they still downplay the symptoms and view them as ‘just character traits’ or ‘fun quirks.’

  1. So true! Although salt baths and chocolate cake can help, too! Nothing wrong with a bit of treat yo self every now and then 💖

  1. Do you have ADHD as a girl? Click here to find out!

  1. That feeling of alienation as a female ADHD person hits hard sometimes… But be persistent: you’ll find the people who can understand you, perhaps in our Numo app for ADHD people ;)

  1. Honestly, I wish I had all the resources available now as a young girl with ADHD… I feel like my life would have been completely different.

Famous ADHD Quotes

  1. Never mind the Einstein quote I got wrong above; ladies, gentlemen, and variations thereupon, I present to you a quote actually made by the famous scientist that can be applied to your beautiful ADHD mind and thus included in our collection of ADHD quotes!

  1. This quote is from the well-known English author and philosopher Gilbert Keith Chesterton. I know we don’t diagnose other people, but do you guys think he was one of us?

  1. Feel free to cite this ancient Chinese philosopher next time Lauren from accounting (who isn’t even your team leader, for chrissake!) tries to micromanage you 😜

Anyway, we’ve been happy to share some inspiring and fun ADHD quotes with you! We hope that you like them, and for now - toodle-oo! 🤗

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