100+ Funniest & Most Relatable ADHD Memes

Julia Ovcharenko, CEO at Numo ADHD
May 1, 2024

There are… No memes! You got rid of them, remember? When you freed up all that space on your phone to download the best ADHD apps we’ve recently written about in a recent blog article! But that’s okay! No one said you can’t look at memes forever; actually, you deserve a brand-new batch of ADHD memes 🤩

So, sit comfortably & prepare to laugh - and cry - at this ADHD meme collection!

ADHD Brain Meme

  1. The brain of people with ADHD (and Autism) often finds it hard to process ANYTHING unless it’s written down. Also, understanding ANYTHING a person is saying while being forced to look them in the eyes? FORGET IT!!

  1. Problems with short-term memory are very common among neurodivergent people.

  1. BTW, did I mention how common problems with short-term memory are among neurodivergent people? 
  1. Any other former gifted kids who didn’t realize their hypersonic reading speed would do fuck-all for their comprehension skills development (and it took them until, like, the 9th grade to even notice it)? 

  1. A terminal case of “you had to be there!!!”

  1. Scientists: your brain is v fast

Me: hahaha fuck yeah!!! yes!!

Scientists: no not like that

Me: Well this fucking sucks. What the fuck.

  1. Remember, kids: stimming is healthy!

  1. Also, we neurodivergent folks often struggle with our short-term memory.

  1. No!! Take it back! Take it back, you fool - I don’t want to hear it!

  1. Reading comprehension, anyone? 


  1. When your brain might not be in it, but your heart certainly is ❤️
  1. Lack of object permanence can make ADHD and otherwise neurodivergent people forget even the things (and people) they care about the most! It’s not personal - there’s just no way around dat brain. So, rule #1: IF YOU WANNA KEEP IT - PUT IT WHERE YOU CAN SEE IT! Rule #2 to tell all your neurotypical friends: YOU WANNA KEEP ME - CALL / TEXT ME YOURSELF! Or no, wait… Wait. No. Better send a letter! Or, better still, use pigeon post. Btw, did you know that passenger pigeons, once the most abundant bird species in North America,... 

Oh. You want me to go on with the memes? Fine. As you wish.

  1. Where my AuDHD peeps at? 😀 Accurate, innit? That mind-radio never shuts up!

  1. Nice try buddy! Sincerely, Brain. *and yes, I know that you’ve read that as Brian, so did I, it’s okay, try again*

ADHD Paralysis Meme

Not sure what ADHD paralysis means (although it sounds scary)? Here’s our blog article to get you started!

  1. Nice day you’ve got there! Be a shame if something (like that thing you really like and are excited to finally hold in your eager little ADHD hands) were to wreck it…

  1. Ow! That hurts! You didn’t have to include that ‘checking the mood of everyone around me’ part in it, anonymous meme creator from Reddit! That’s low, even for you! 😭😭😭

  1. She Gedicht am my Fenster til I… Sorry, sorry 🤪 Remember, child, appearances are deceitful… Just because a task *looked* or *was* ‘easily executable’ yesterday, doesn’t mean it’s still going to be today! Such is ADHD life. 

  1. Literally me. Forever, always. I don’t know when it’s ever NOT ME!
  1. ‘The project isn’t real, it can’t hurt you,’ they said.


  1. Plate 1 - ADHD paralysis

Plate 2 - ADHD time blindness

Plate 3 - toxic shame & guilt

Plate 4 - chronic generalized anxiety

YOU wanna try & ‘just make a to-do list’ with all that, Karen, HUH?! For once! Yeah, thought so!!

  1. My ADHD ass when always (actual footage):

ADHD Conversation Meme

  1. I know this is bad, but damn, this is too funny. 

  1. Countless conversations have been lost to the genuine ADHD difficulty of processing BORING STUFF THAT WE DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT! Is this such a bad thing though? Discuss.

  1. Due to constantly being shunned & demonized for showing our true excited selves, we ADHDers often try *way* too hard to put everyone but ourselves at ease, and make sure that others aren’t upset or offended…  But honey, what about YOU? Honestly, bestie, take care of yourself! They’ll be fine (for the most part) 

  1. Remember that time an ADHDer made the headlines?

(I mean - which one, man? We’re always in the headlines!)

  1. Me 5 minutes after writing that ‘stellar communication skills’ line in that resume.

  1. Our fun and meandering ADHD way of thinking & expressing our thoughts will never cease to amaze me! It’s always a pleasure & feels like an adventure to talk to a fellow ADHDer!

  1. This also happens, though (and that’s alright!). This can be where your ADHD unmasking journey starts.

  1. Neurotypicals. Bless their little innocent hearts. This one, probably, meant well… But honestly, would they just stop?

  1. Hypersonic ADHD brain strikes again!

  1. Is it just me, or are these strangers I’ve just met not interested in hearing about that fateful day when I first discovered that secret cool swing in the woods by the churchyard when I was four years old? Well, shame on them! It’s a cool story, all the people I’ve ever met can testify.

  1. As an Autistic ADHD’er, I can never for the life of me even see all of their cues and rules. How about you? Do you relate? Or are you painfully aware of the rules as you break them, but just can’t help it? (FYI any option is valid! We’re all just out here trying to exist…)

ADHD Time Blindness Meme

  1. People with ADHD very often can’t conceptualize how much time they have, or what can realistically be done within that time (because it can change, even for the tasks we’ve done a million times before); time feels ‘stretchy’, we can feel like there’s too much OR too little (both cause us anxiety), and this leads to us overall feeling disoriented and bad about ourselves. And we don’t necessarily need to be visibly late to everything all the time for time blindness to be a part of our experience (and a very distressing one!)
  1. Ugh, showers! Not only do I have to get IN and OUT OF water (outrageous!), but there’s also this!

  1. I know you’d get us all, Gru (villainized - check, ‘weird’ - check, with ‘weird’ hyperfixations - check), so I’m including another ADHD time blindness meme with you.
  1. The creator of this next meme is obviously a newbie in ADHD! Everyone knows that this method only works on the first try, after which it’s best to revert to the good old & tested… *drumroll* …. procrastination, which then allows you to get your hands on some adrenaline & dopamine from the rush of fulfilling that task in the last minute! 

  1. Neurotypicals can keep their stupid Samsara Wheel of Reincarnation, for we ADHDers have something better…
  1. Ah S̶p̶o̶n̶g̶e̶ ̶B̶o̶b̶  ADHDer, that eternal optimist.

  1. Hello Karen, yes, it’s 5 AM, and the reason I’m calling you this early is the same you’re always calling me in the middle of the day: TO ACCOMMODATE MY OWN NEEDS & PUT THEM OVER YOURS!  Hehe just kidding 

Relatable ADHD Meme

  1. Wanna find out what could maaaaaybe possibly help you get something done today as an ADHDer? Go ahead, spin the wheel!

I meant to say ‘meow.’ Of course. How could I have forgotten?

  1. I mean. Not all ADHDers even have access to a diagnosis!

  1. That neurodivergent synesthesia be hittin’ hard lately, such bright sounds all around, am I right?
  1. Aaaaand… None other but our old friend Gru lamenting the ADHD ‘lack’ of identity. You’re you, you’re okay, and you’re valid! Lots of love 💛
  1. I second that! Get me tf out of this picture!
  1. The ADHD slippery slope (to me, my whole life feels like walking trying to avoid stepping on the cracks, otherwise I’ll lose even whatever pathetic little routines I do manage to build)... Life’s a game, but not always that fun 🥺
  1. Ahahaha no I’m tired Richard, what makes you think I am?
  1. Executive dysfunction can be a real b**ch sometimes. Learn useful tips for how to deal with it in our blog article on the matter 🥰
  1. ADHDer proposes, brain/state of the executive function on that particular day/inspiration or lack thereof disposes.
  1. The ADHD Magic Hour ✨✨✨
  1. Well well well, if it isn’t the most relatable ADHD meme to ever be created.

  1. A phrase I wish I said a little bit less often.
  1. Just in case the previous one wasn’t enough…
  1. Yes, it’s that very same resume in which I mentioned my brilliant communication skills. What about it? (And yes, I DID somehow remember about that)

ADHD Medication Meme

  1. I mean, I wish…

  1. A whole new world (for better or for worse) 😵‍💫

  1. Then the doctor’s like, yes but what does the pharmacy think about that? 

  1. We are not the same, case 298, 725, 002, 149, …

  1. My culture is not your costume! Er, that is, my medication that makes it possible for me to function is not your recreational drug! 😤

  1. What is this, Universe, some kind of cruel joke?!
  1. And I believe in it myself then act surprised when it wears off!! Every single time 😭
  1. When it all goes TOO FAR and your medicated ADHD self really is too powerful for this world :D

  1. Not to be that person with a bunch of squirrel ADHD memes, but… This one is so real fr

  1. Shoutout to all of my unmedicated ADHD babes… Hang in there queen/king/otherwise unspecified royal person, you got it!!

ADHD Cleaning Meme

  1. There’s only one conclusion: body doubling works! Not sure what that means? Well, lucky you - our blog article is here to help! :3

  1. Ah yes, the famous ADHD side quests… 😁

  1. Who needs cleaning when you can finally fulfill your childhood dream of becoming an archaeologist and digging up piles upon piles of exciting ancient stuff? Not to mention the fact that 1) you can do this every day, and 2) it’s free! (ADHD tax? what ADHD tax? please continue)

  1. We ADHDers have standards, you know! Sometimes, putting the song that scratches *just the spot* on repeat can have me working for hours and hours! In addition, just like singing, listening to music is a common ADHD stim

  1. Okay, let’s get it started (HA!)! How many lights are lit on your router?

  1. That’s why all my non-ADHD friends say I’m a̶ p̶l̶e̶a̶s̶u̶r̶e̶ t̶o̶ h̶a̶v̶e̶ i̶n̶ c̶l̶a̶s̶s̶ their best friend ever whenever I come over.

  1. I honestly don’t remember when I was last in the cleaning mode…

  1. Why get a Roomba when you can be a Roomba yourself? For free!

  1. Always! That one lonely pile in the corner? It wants to be surrounded by friends, let’s create some more piles!

  1. In the end, it’s always the same…

ADHD Hyperfixation Meme

  1. In life, we ADHD people learn that hyperfixations are like waves, they come and go… Then why does it break our hearts every single time, just like the first time? 😭😭😭

  1. Ahaha no, silly, cause then it turns into a DEMAND, you see 🤣🤣 Haha funny joke :3 

Hugs & kisses, brain 🧠💋

P.S. No, seriously, ya heard of PDA?:3 lmao

P.P.S. Don’t forget to stare at the wall for three hours today! you promised

Lots of love, 


4. Oooh, this one hurts, I know, I’m sorry :/ But maybe it’ll help you get used to the ADHD Samsara Wheel of Hyperfixations so that it stops breaking your heart that bad.

5. Been there done that. Literally. Like, ten times. Seriously. No, for real. Has anyone here done this exact same thing too?

6. I’m sorry, I’m continuing to hurt you with relatable ADHD memes. Also, if you feel A LOT of guilt and shame about yourself in such situations as described below, you might have Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, and having it is no joke; as we all know, it can be very painful. Want to learn how to mitigate it & develop healthier self-esteem & self-love? Feel free to read our RSD article :)

6. ADHDers in the ruthless choppy waters of a brand-new hyperfixation as it starts to wear off and suddenly you realize what you’ve gotten yourself into:

7. This last thing is my favorite! What about you? What’s better: a new ADHD hyperfixation or a rediscovered old darling?

8. Obviously!

ADHD Procrastination Meme

  1. Man, who am I not to include this classic? It’s the ADHD ABCs!

  1. Them FEELS really do know how to pick the time, don’t they?

2. Go away Lindsay, quit trying to take away the only two drops of dopamine I can squeeze out of that stupid brain before trying to survive those stupid exams… 

  1. Ah yes, the ‘damned if I do and damned if I don’t’ situation 😅 I can almost physically feel his pain, can you?

  1. When you finally get that brain to focus…

6. That’s very true, and my very wise ADHD brain, knowing that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, never gives me even a taste of it!

7. The daily ADHD struggle (cause there are too damn many such tasks!):

9. I’m sorry, is this meme stressing you out? 

10.  Yet again proving that brute force never works!

ADHD Ribbon Meme

  1. Haha admit it: you never expected it to be ANY OTHER kind of ribbon :D

ADHD Tax Meme

  1. Can I sue the world government for having collected it in the first place? Hands off my cash, b**ch! Wait, what? They don’t *physically* collect it? Where’d all my money go then!?

  1. Impulsive shopping is also ADHD tax…

  1. There should be a special return policy for ADHD people…

  1. Wait, I’m confused… Is this a good or a bad thing?

  1. HOW DID YOU KNOW my umbrella’s gone missing and I haven’t been able to find it in weeks but I’m still not buying another one because I just KNOW the old one will turn RIGHT UP once I bring the new one home?

ADHD Kid Meme

  1. That sinking feeling… I don’t think I’ll ever forget it (my brain be like “of course, you won’t, lol! ur ADHD, it continues happening to you daily🤣”)

Do you relate?

  1. I mean… How many? Tell me! And yeah, of course I do!!

  1. Still a daily battle!
  1. Accurate; except there’d be three cats. Or more. Five cats! Like my neighbor has five cats, I can’t remember all of their names, but only one of them is mean, and the rest are really nice & playful and come to you if you say pspsps! The nicest cat is also best friends with my neighbor’s Cane Corso dog; that dog is so big! Btw did you know that Cane Corsos were created by the ancient Romans or something, and it’s, like, a really old species?? Yeah! No, wait, not species, but… What’s it called– Ugh, whatever! So, this dog is, like, really big…

  1. I mean, who am I not to listen to the Wise Owl’s advice? They always do in fairytales, and everything turns out just fine!!

  1. Reminder: you’re gifted & beautiful as an adult, too! Actually, you don’t even need to be described by stupid labels like ‘gifted’ - they will never encompass the entire beauty of you, a beautiful ADHD person 💗You’re valuable just the way you are.

Anywayyyy! I hope that you guys have enjoyed this collection of memes! 

If you’d like to find some more, here are some good places to start:

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  • If you’re on X (let’s face it, we all still call it Twitter): search @ADHDForReal, @danidonovan, @adhdjesse.
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  • On TikTok: @adhd_memetherapy, @cobywatts_, @connorcallec.

Alrighty! Lots of love, take care, and see you in the next article!

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