Best ADHD Apps (Free & Paid)

Julia Ovcharenko, CEO at Numo
May 22, 2024

Got any free space on your phone? Hurry and free some up NOW, as you’ll need it to download the best ADHD apps that we’re going to highlight in today’s article! These bad boys will help you get beyond merely functioning and start thriving! Now of course, no app is a magic pill - or a one-size-fits-all, for that matter, as we all know that all ADHD people are different! Yet, if any of these catch your interest, feel free to give them a try - and don’t be surprised if they elevate the quality of your life.

So, we’re featuring ADHD apps that will help you with:

  • Creating & sticking to routines
  • Organization & time management
  • Habit tracking & productivity
  • Focus & concentration
  • Emotional regulation
  • Social support
  • Executive functioning

Buckle up: it’s a long one!

The Big ADHD App Table (Hopefully Helpful)

You know what? I got a nifty colorful table with all the apps featured in today’s article; let me share it with you now in case you get lost somewhere in the text!

It’s pretty straightforward: green means good, yellow means average, and orange stands for not ideal. You get the picture 🙂

Now, let’s move on with our list!

Versatile ADHD apps that can help with just about anything


Numo is one of the best ADHD management apps on the market, as it combines a lot of features in one product and aims at enhancing numerous parts of your ADHD life experience without being overwhelming, distracting, or addictive.


  • A comprehensive powerhouse of an ADHD app, features many things that would take a lot of other apps: a planner, community, even tools for focusing like white, brown, and pink noise, and the creation of emotion maps
  • Employs the proven methods of CBT to help deal with our mental/emotional challenges
  • Easy on the eyes with its usage of the Bionic Reading font (does not take away that precious energy & saves you executive function).
  • Colorful; you do NOT get bored - but the colors are pleasant
  • Has a short & sweet in-built ADHD test
  • Highly customizable & adjusted to your unique needs
  • Fun gamified approach, memes, elements of the social media experience that we all love (use of stories to teach helpful information designed to help you deal with your ADHD struggles)
  • A vibrant community of fellow ADHDers who can prop you up when you’ve run out of steam & keep you accountable
  • Mini-courses on different aspects of the ADHD experience (i.e. course on emotional regulation (which I’ve personally binged - I’m seriously a fool for that type of content).
  • A system of rewards & the opportunity to use Numo for free for some time if your friends join


  • The full subscription price may be a bit too high for some

Pricing: there’s a free version; the full subscription unlocking all features costs $15.99/month.

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Bionic Reading

The app makes any text easily readable by using a special font and highlighting the first few letters of a word - in this way allowing your brain to exert much less effort!


  • Trusted by neurodiverse people all over the world
  • Used & integrated with many sites and services
  • You can read books in different languages
  • A very intuitive interface
  • You can even convert PDF files into Bionic Reading format
  • No registration necessary to use the free version


  • It doesn’t work offline
  • It’s not fully free
  • It takes a long time to download the books

Pricing: there’s a free plan, as well as paid “Premium” and “Premium Plus” subscriptions.

ADHD apps for improved productivity

Our Numo blog already has a comprehensive article chock-full of the best ADHD planner apps that make the scary & boring things like planning and (oh no, here it comes), delivering on your plans, less scary & boring, feel free to check it out!


Is this your experience with time blindness?

Due is one of the best reminder apps for ADHD, and with it, perhaps, staying on track with things in your life won’t be so impossible!


  • Has time zone shifting capabilities, which is convenient for traveling!
  • Its recurrent reminders are impossible to just shrug off - and you can optimize them to accommodate schedule changes
  • Full voiceover support
  • Localization in 17 languages
  • Completely private and works offline - you don’t even need an account (there’s no account to sign up for, Ne- okay, that’s enough Matrix for today)!


  • Learning how the app works might take time

Pricing: 9,99 USD + in-app purchases (like an annual upgrade pass of 4,99 USD)

Llama Life

This one is not just a to-do list app - it comes with a community that freaking loves the app - and itself, as there’s social support. Also, it’s CUUUUUUUUTE! Gosh, if I had known earlier how much being surrounded by cute things and using cute apps *cough cough* Numo *cough cough* actually helps me get stuff done, I would have started getting them for myself earlier. Now and forever, sign me up for all things adorable, gentle, and nice, - and Llama Life, being adorable, gentle, and nice, is one of the best ADHD apps for adults!


  • Easy lists, non-intrusive calming design, simple interface
  • The developers constantly add new features
  • Addictive - which is a good thing in this case
  • Good for visual thinkers: has a visual timer & estimated completion time, enables emojis
  • Non-stressful
  • Boasts Soundscapes: a selection of ambiances and background noises to help you focus
  • Is integrated with a few other services (like Notion and Todoist)


  • Most users say there are none! Can you believe it?
  • Not free

Pricing: $6.00 monthly subscription, $39.00 annual subscription

Emotional regulation ADHD apps for adults

ADHD Daily Affirmations

Sometimes, as ADHD people, we struggle with navigating our overwhelming emotions and feelings because of that pesky thing called emotional dysregulation; it’s often the source of a lot of pain, as we’ve written in our Numo blog article. This gentle app will help you feel better about yourself and your life; you’ll feel validated in building boundaries, taking care of your needs, accepting and respecting your feelings as a neurodivergent person… It’s a supportive friend we all need. With it, you’re guaranteed less banging your head against the wall and more… banging? Possibly? Excuse me. But they DO say that self-love is key to being loved by other people, isn’t that right? 


  • No overwhelming distractions
  • One simple daily affirmation helps you stay positive and grow self-love 


  • Not a whole lot of other functions: just your pocket pep talk dispenser

Pricing: fully free.

NUMO (yes, again)

How could we not touch upon NUMO again when its emotional regulation options are so great? Not only are you able to connect with fellow neurodivergent peeps to discuss how the neurotypicals did you dirty (again!) and be held by the people who truly get you, but you can also get gently nudged on the way to your goals… If the support of strangers leaves you cold, you can invite your other ADHD friends - and get Numo for free!

There’s also the emotional regulation mini-course, which uses bite-sized daily stories to train you in the scientifically proven method of CBT that helps deal with anxious/angry/otherwise difficult thoughts and feelings - and it does so without being patronizing & of course, strictly no guilt trips - we’ve had enough of that IRL, haven’t we?

The app is overall very gentle & brings very positive emotional experiences. 

Cons: see above.

Pricing: see above.

Fluid Simulation

One of the most ADHD friendly apps I’ve ever encountered. Forgot your fave stim toy at home? Not to worry! With just a few taps, you’ll be sucked into a whole new world of swirls and colors! And if anyone asks what you’re doing - just tap the sign!

The app is stimmy and trippy, giving you that dopamine fix - yet, be careful as it can be addictive!


  • Relieves stress & anxiety
  • Helps with boredom
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of neurodivergent people gushing over the app in the reviews
  • Just like Numo, it’s a Ukrainian app! Support free & sovereign Ukraine

Sounds like something you GOTTA have? I know, right?! Me too!


  • Not fully free
  • Possibly addictive
  • May crash & close sometimes (but maybe it’s just me)

Pricing: has 10 free presets & the rest are available via a subscription (an annual payment of $4.99 or a one-time payment of $22.99)

ADHD apps for habit tracking/routine creation


Sometimes, staring the dragon right in the eyes gives you the best chance at slaying it. 

Of course you know what I mean! It’s time to discuss… How you spend your time :/ Don’t fret, it doesn’t have to be scary. Try it out with this app.


  • Automatically (you don’t have to do ANYTHING) tracks application usage (both on your phone and desktop computer with a free desktop app), giving you a full and accurate picture of how you spend your time
  • You can see exactly how your phone usage impacts your day, work patterns, and overall focus: gives you detailed reports, trends, and insights
  • Offline time tracking
  • You can control exactly what gets tracked
  • You can set screen time goals and control your phone usage
  • Helps you build better habits & find time to do some “deep focus”


  • May collect personal data
  • The data in analytics can be overwhelming
  • UI needs improvement
  • Records only the computer aspects of work, so the picture is not complete

Pricing: plans start at $6.50/month; they offer a 14-day free trial

Productive - Habit Tracker

This one’s a bit different and has another purpose. What’s it for? Well, everyone knows we (both ADHD and Autistic people) can’t form habits for s**t. We don’t have a chance in hell. But… There’s always that one app that helps. 


  • Enables you to create, complete, stop, or pause habits whenever you like
  • You can compete with other users from all over the world
  • You get stats: the app tracks your habits and analyzes your progress, helping you get motivated
  • There are personalized expert articles available, as well as assistance specifically for ADHD folks


  • Not so good with tracking & eliminating bad habits
  • Might be a bit too competitive and prone to guilt-tripping

Pricing: free, but there are in-app purchases (like their $79.99 annual premium option).

The best ADHD organization apps

Simple Mind 

What would I use to mind-map my entire young adult fantasy book with all its tiny subplots & emotional developments of the dozens of characters (only to lose steam years into the process, but that’s a story for another time)? That’s right, SimpleMind - one of the most ADHD friendly apps! It’s got everything MindMeister & MindNode got (and also it allows you as many mind-maps as you want in the free version, unlike MindMeister, which only allows up to three - which is, frankly, ridiculous), and the app’s free plan is functional and easy to work with!


  • Even the free plan offers everything you need to get into mind mapping
  • No ads (yes, even in the free version)
  • 14+ years on the market, constant updates and improvements
  • Various sharing options: as a PDF, an image, an outline to be used in word processors, a presentation, etc.
  • Seamless cloud service synchronization
  • You can add media and documents, including images, photos, notes, links, voice memos, videos, etc.
  • Virtually limitless possibilities of mind-map creation and adjustment
  • Easy collaboration


  • The free version is only available for mobile devices
  • The trial edition for Mac and Windows only lasts for 30 days

Pricing: free, offers a one-time in-app purchase of $10.99 to access pro functionality.


With its 40+ brain training games, this app can help you improve cognitive skills we ADHDers need so much: focus, memory, processing, comprehension, vocabulary, precision, and MATH! Personally, I keep having the craziest recurrent idea of going back to 7th-grade math for fun; that is, I do absolutely nothing to act on this idea, and then I forget all about it for another six months… Perhaps you’d care not to repeat this mistake of mine?  


  • It’s all fun and games! Literally. Nothing but games
  • A BIG ONE: it helps you learn to speak more effectively, and EVEN get better at communicating tone and meaning (what’s that I just heard? Ah yes, a loud hallelujah from my fellow AuDHD peeps)
  • Science-based: developed in collaboration with experts in neuroscience and cognitive learning
  • Personalized: you train the skills you need the most
  • Keeps the experience interesting and challenging, the games progress as you go
  • A rating of 4.8 on the App Store, Editors’ Choice


  • The games require significant prior knowledge
  • There’s not a lot of guidance or feedback

Pricing: offers a basic free version as well as a $39.99 subscription (with a 7-day free trial).

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Helpful ADHD apps for focus & concentration



  • Uses personalized focus music to help you get things done! (every audio mix is different for every user).
  • Combines neuroscience, musicianship & engineering to find the right music FOR YOU that scratches just the itch (AND they write about the science behind it, it’s fascinating)
  • 10 years on the market, over 2,000, 000 people found their focus through music tailored specifically to their brain type.
  • Made specifically with Neurodivergent people in mind (hell, the app’s even got the entire phrase “Control Your ADD” on its Google Play page)
  • Highly customizable 
  • Exclusive content  that you can’t find anywhere else
  • Offline mode
  • Built-in productivity tracker & focus timer (you can use it to create work sessions and break times as many times a day as you want (ah yes, my boss from 10 years ago, I can get up and walk around as many times as I want, WHAT ABOUT IT?)


  • Some people say the music gets a bit too repetitive
  • Not fully free (although, if you’re as broke as I am, the free trial CAN get you through that one particularly daunting project). 

Pricing: free; various in-app purchases are also on offer.

ADHD White Noise + Brown, Pink

Want some more sound magic to help you focus on whatever it is you’ve been saying you’re working on? Then this app got you covered. It also uses science to tap into the focusing power of your brain (trust me, you got it! You got it, and I ain’t even gotta find you a new hyperfixation to prove I’m right). To dive into a fascinating rabbit hole on this, (and even try out Brown Noise for yourself without downloading any bulky app) check out our blog article on the matter. Btw, did you know that this feature is already included in our Numo ADHD app? Yep! So you can just get that and be done with it.

Still, let me walk you through this app’s features:

  • Created specifically for ADHD adults
  • Blocks out distractions
  • Suitable for different purposes: studying, creativity, working, sleeping…


  • Some users unhappy with a recent update

Pricing: free; also offers in-app purchases

Pomodoro Focus Timer

Does it have to be this way, though? 


  • Science-based
  • Offline mode
  • Dark mode
  • Tracks your progress
  • Plays relaxing sounds/white noise
  • Customizable


  • Only available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch; no Android app (but there are PLENTY of other apps for Android that use the Pomodoro method)

Pricing: free, has in-app purchases.


Let me introduce another app that’s much more fun, has social features, involves growing cute trees with your unbreakable focus superpower, and even makes it possible for us to grow actual, real trees that we can then go and hug IRL: Forest. 


  • As popular as Pomodoro: the top productivity app in 136 countries, over 2 million happy users
  • Gamified; as one user said, it’s tangible; gives you a felt consequence for getting distracted/not working when you’re supposed to; really works that hyperempathy of ours to go & get them things DONE!
  • Social features
  • Customizable
  • You can track your focused time & your daily phone usage!


  • Not free
  • The user interface is not very intuitive
  • A lot of coins are needed to plant real trees or activate additional trees

Pricing: $3.99

ADHD apps for everyday life stuff


 Of course you know Freedom, you’re ADHD. Still, let me list some of the features just in case you’re a newly diagnosed/self-diagnosed baby ADHDer! Having one of those days when nothing helps and you need a pocket-size dictator to stop you from visiting all those distraction apps & websites? No shade on my part, we’ve all been there - and will be many times, and that’s okay - and this free app is here to help you!


  • Users report getting 2.5 hours more productive time every day
  • Works across all your devices (no limit to the number of devices, be it phones, phones, computers…)
  • Trusted by 2 million individual users and teams
  • You can manually turn it off if necessary 
  • You can create routines by setting up specific “focus” time sessions on a schedule


  • Locked mode may prevent you from seeing vital information
  • Scheduling recurring events is only available in upgraded plans

Pricing: free, offers in-app purchases (for example, a monthly subscription for $8.99)


Yes, I know, sometimes taking care of oneself can be too much of a hassle. Sometimes we simply forget. And sometimes the executive function for that is… well, non-existent. Yet, we ADHDers, with our powerful empathy, often care for others (that includes cute little digital creatures) more than we care for ourselves - and this app uses just that to help you get better at self-care. You get assigned a little cartoon bird friend, and as you care for it, go on adventures, and engage in healing conversations, you slowly start feeling better yourself. The app is used to support people with various mental health struggles (like depression and anxiety), many of which are often comorbid with ADHD.


  • Cute & positive art style
  • The app allows you to interact with friends to support & be supported on your mental health journey
  • You get tasked with doing various activities (mental, physical, and emotional) that enhance your well-being


  • Some activities are only available in the paid version
  • The price is viewed as quite high by some people

Pricing: free, but there are in-app purchases (an annual subscription of $39.99)

Free apps for ADHD people

Personally, I’m finding myself in a bit of a pickle financially… Are you part of the club? If so, let me share with you these awesome (and totally free) ADHD apps!


What? Are we talking about one of the best free apps for ADHD adults who take medication? Why yes we are! 

With our time blindness, it’s sometimes (often) hard to remember to take meds or remember when you last took them. But fret not: this app is here to help!


  • Allows you to manage and track all your ADHD meds
  • You’re able to easily visualize your prescribed doses and see how long each one will last (wild, I know!)
  • Intuitive design
  • Built-in reminders: it won’t let you miss a dose or forget when your meds wear off!
  • Supports around 10 widely prescribed meds like Adderall, Concerta, Ritalin, Vyvanse, and others
  • Sleep time estimates: you’ll know when you’re likely to fall asleep after a dose of medication
  • Warns of the possible side effects: you know when they’re likely to start, so you come prepared!
  • Allows you to take in-app notes
  • Privacy: all your medical data is securely stored ONLY on your phone and isn’t tied to an account
  • Keeps track of all your previous doses with a history tab


  • So far, the internet is silent about those

Pricing: fully free


This incredible app helps you manage your personal and home life by quickly creating & sharing tasks like cleaning, getting groceries, and all the other things that can be hard to do, with loved ones and roommates; there’s no hassle and no misunderstandings! And while you’re at it, you can use the helpful cleaning tips we’ve outlined in our earlier Numo blog article!


  • Simple, intuitive, minimal manual inputs included
  • Tasks and responsibilities are easily shared with partners and automatically synced
  • AI-driven predictions about upcoming tasks free up your mental load 
  • Add, store, and access tasks, docs, or contacts that are important for running your personal life
  • High-level security


  • May gather personal information
  • May send spam emails

Pricing: free

Kawaii Tasks

Ever felt lost in the face of a daunting task, not knowing where to start? I feel like I didn’t even have to ask that question! This tiny cutie’s extremely helpful, as it takes out the big scary tasks by slicing them up into smaller ones. Finally, the sidekick you deserve!


  • Breaks down your to-dos into subtasks using AI
  • Frees up your mind, helps get out of a loop
  • Perfect for neurodiverse people
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Unlike Goblin Tools (which we’ll talk about next), it’s an actual app (not just a layered website)


  • Only has this one feature (so far)

Pricing: fully free

Goblin Tools

This is not an app per se, more like a website, but the things it does can be EXTREMELY helpful - and fun! Honestly, I’m surprised you haven’t heard about it earlier, as it’s a treasure chest for neurodivergent people and one of the most entertaining free apps for ADHD adults. 

It can:

  • Change the wording of your text to sound more or less professional/polite/easy to read/passionate/etc.
  • Evaluate the tone of other people’s writing (finally, the answer to the perennial question: “Do they hate me, or am I overthinking?”)
  • Tell you how long a task’s gonna take (I know you’ve needed this all these years… It’s OK baby, you’re safe now)
  • Come up with (edible!) recipes if you come up with a list of groceries currently in your sad and lonely fridge

As you can see, it’s perfect for AuDHD folks as well, helping with some of the challenges Autistic people face! Wanna dive into a fun rabbit hole about our “cousin” condition - Autism, or maybe even check if you might have it too? Here’s the link to our Autism vs. ADHD article!

Pricing: free

ADHD Lifehacks for Adults

This one is just nice! Nothing complicated, totally free of charge, just feeding you bits and pieces of ADHD advice goodness! 


  • Dispenses real-world advice given by ADHD people to ADHD people
  • Tips are split into different categories like Time Blindness, Emotional Dysregulation, Distractions, Getting Things Done, Relationships, Sleep, Executive Function, etc. - all the things we may struggle with
  • Provides affirmations for that bit of a pick-me-up (god knows, I’ve needed LOTS of those lately)
  • Simple, no distractions; just gives you 1 ADHD tip a day


  • Only has this one feature

Pricing: fully free

Aaaaand we’re done!  

What a ride, huh? Anyway, thanks for reading, and I am SURE that at least one of these apps (be it Numo or not) is bound to help you in ways that you, perhaps, didn’t even think were possible! I know it’s true for me :) Turns out scrapping those year-old screenshots & stale memes that I never look at anyway is a small price to pay for a collection of the best ADHD management apps!

P.S. Here are some questions people often ask about ADHD apps in case you’re interested in that!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: Are ADHD Apps Worth It?

Answer: ADHD apps offer diverse features to help people with ADHD, including reminders, calendars, and habit-tracking tools, although their effectiveness varies. Customization options are crucial for accommodating every ADHDer’s needs and preferences. Evidence-based techniques like cognitive-behavioral strategies (CBT) enhance some apps' effectiveness. Intuitive design and accessibility across devices improve user experience. Integration with treatment plans, data privacy, and cost-effectiveness are also important when choosing an app right for you, and evaluating if it’s going to be useful. Overall, selecting ADHD apps aligned with individual needs and treatment goals, and consulting healthcare professionals, enhances their value in managing ADHD symptoms.

Question 2: Does Screen Time Make ADHD Worse?

Answer: Excessive screen time, particularly on devices like smartphones and computers, can exacerbate ADHD symptoms like increased distractibility and impulsivity. It can disrupt sleep patterns due to blue light exposure, as well as impair executive functioning skills and worsen emotional regulation challenges, such as social comparison and sensory overload. While screen time doesn't directly cause ADHD, monitoring and regulating it are crucial for minimizing negative impacts. Setting limits on all of your apps, creating technology-free zones, and promoting alternative activities can help mitigate the negative effects, alongside seeking guidance from healthcare professionals.

Question 3: What If I Don’t Want to Use Apps/Don’t Have a Phone? What Is the Best Adult ADHD Support I Can Access in Other Ways?

Answer: Effective adult ADHD support involves a comprehensive approach consisting of multimodal treatment, including medication and therapy, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), to address symptoms like impulsivity and negative thought patterns. Education and psychoeducation reduce stigma and provide practical strategies for managing symptoms, while support groups offer community and shared experiences. Lifestyle modifications like exercise and stress management, alongside executive functioning coaching, help ADHD people with daily challenges. Workplace accommodations, medication management, and family support contribute to a holistic approach tailored to individual needs, empowering adults with ADHD to thrive.

Okay, it’s getting kinda late! Lots of love, and bye for nowwww!

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