How to Treat ADHD without Meds - Try These 12 Simple Remedies

Julia Ovcharenko, CEO of Numo
January 4, 2024

Does your day-to-day grind sometimes seem like an uphill battle? Yeah, dealing with ADHD is like fighting windmills of impulses, with inattention and emotional swings.

Even though there is no one proven treatment available yet, some simple strategies can help ease symptoms and make you feel better.
Interested how? Let’s find out together!
Here are a couple of remedies you may try for alleviating ADHD without meds 👇

[Create a routine] #1. Create a realistic routine that you will really stick to

There are a bunch of reasons why daily routines don't work if you have ADHD - the main one is inattention and, sometimes, perfectionism. Or you can think of schedule limits and lack of freedom. In certain cases, you can even be paralyzed by ADHD to start doing something. What's the trick to getting away with it?
Start by keeping it real with your daily flow, no cap. Like, if you're not a 6:00 a.m. person, don't force it. Let yourself be you. Really boring by doing breakfast and struggling to start? You can buy three diff flavors of cornflakes to make it more interesting.

Set your schedule like you're setting up your perfect daily routine. The key word here is routine, rather than perfect. Just keep grinding, so after around a month, it'll become a habit, second nature.

[Master organizing] #2. Organize your life like a pro
ADHDers also have trouble managing their time. So, if you're one of them, arranging your stuff may seem overwhelming. (1) 

Like, following instructions might feel lowkey impossible. Stuff's always out of sight. And your wallet? Appointments? Yeah, sometimes you're tardy or ghost 'em completely.

Ding-ding, you've got a solution here. Keep track of everything by, hm, listing everything! Whatever it is, your daily tasks, projects, or important dates, get it down in your fav app or digital planner. 
For instance, in Numo we have awe features like an ADHD planner. It's created to help you stay on top of your commitments and tasks. When you plan your daily routine in detail to keep ADHD paralysis at bay, nothing gets lost. 

#3. Say yes to clutter-free life
Declutter your space, your apps, your mind – in the Marie Kondo way. It all comes down to keeping things neat and organized to maintain a clutter-free mind. Getting rid of unnecessary stuff creates more space, both physically and mentally.

To be frank, it's mainly about reducing stress and keeping on top of things.

[Learn priorities] #4 Learn to prioritize 

Another way to keep on top of things is to prioritize them. 

First, digital calendar all things, and stay on your grind. Secondly, start with “eat the frog” tasks when your focus is high.
Break tasks into bite-sized chunks for quick wins. Keep the distractions away. Once you've done everything right - reward yourself for each W. And remember, it's all good if you sometimes stumble – just keep leveling up!

[Cut down on caffeine] #5 Cup per day

So, decided to arrange your routine? Let’s start with the step you can do even today - cut back some on caffeine.

But from today, no more a cup per day, how does it sound? Although caffeine is a necessity realm of the early risers and ADHD buddies, it is not a silver bullet for tackling it. Still, some researchers say it helps to increase focus, others - that it actually does not. (2)

Choosing to exclude caffeine in your ADHD management is, ofc, totally pointless; we won't recommend it. However, reducing some can prevent anxiety and help your nighttime sleep routine.

[Sleep well] #6 Sleep Well

As we started talking about the topic of sleep, yes, to no one’s surprise, ADHD can affect sleep as well. (3)
But minimizing ADHD symptoms is possible by getting enough sleep. It's all about maintaining a regular drill - as we talked about earlier. Avoid late-night coffee, set up a calming bedtime routine, and get up at the same time.
These simple tweaks will help you get quality sleep. So the easy formula here: when the brain rests at night, it is more focused during the day.

[Exercise] #7 Exercise to boost dopamine

Keeping your body moving can totally help with an ADHD-like condition. Some studies claim that sport can light up those ADHD-linked brain areas, and reduce your symptoms. (4)
How? When you move, your heart races, sending oxygen and nutrients to your brain. Once you reach this stage, your brain throws a wild celebration and unleashes dopamine.
And we all know that increased dopamine = more focus = more motivation.

It's not just about burning off that surplus energy, this is also about leveling up your goal-setting skills. Plus, it can boost your self-esteem, so that's also a plus.

[Meditation] #8 Practice meditation

In general, meditation (a sort of mindfulness practice) can help to be more grounded and present at the instance. By helping you to detach from your thoughts and feelings without judging them. 

For ADHDers, those practices can help them become more aware of what triggers their emotions and maintain focus. (5)

When you start, for example, feeling angry and roaring like a bull, taking your time and practicing mindfulness may help you with self-control. Or when you're too swamped - a short meditation will help you calm down and narrow your focus.

[Think before you act] #9 Take an extra beat before reacting

If you have ADHD, you also might be impulsive from time to time. You might act on a whim, without thinking about what you are doing. Remember interrupting others coz “knowing what they want to say already”? Or struggle with self-control when buying 4 new shoes in one month.
Before you make the move, pause for a sec. Take a breath, think it through, and make sure you're coming correctly.
This is not easy, I know, but try to train yourself to take a minute to stop and think before you react. Jotting down your first reaction in Notes on your phone may be more handy than just acting on it.

[Eliminate distractions] #10. Keep distractions at bay

The idea of limiting distractions, while living in big cities, may seem like silly advice. But when you have ADHD, your surroundings matter a lot. Here are some other ideas on how to avoid overstimulating:

  • Noise Control: Use noise-canceling headphones to reduce distractions.
  • Digital detox: Try some apps and website blockers to limit the time spent draining your attention to social media.
  • ADHD Apps: The has its own noise generator, so you can use it when the volume in the world is too high. This nifty trick with brown noise will aid in finding the optimal soundscape that helps you concentrate.

[Do it now or never] #11 Do it now or never

“Do it now or never” is a mantra essential for all ADHD-procrastinating brains. As we all know for ADHDers “I'll finish later”, is always end up as never finished.
E.g. You always lose your keys at the worst time? Keep your keys in a place in your house (say, by the door). The moment you realize you left your keys somewhere else, move them right away to that keyholder spot. So don't put it off, "do it now".

Congratulations, you're following this tip already if you're reading this text at this point 😎

[Try Numo] #12: Join ADHD Community for Like-Minded Folks

Dealing with ADHD doesn't have to be that challenging if you have the right support group. Are you interested in joining the real one? We got you!
Numo is for ADHDers by ADHDers” as we love to say. This app was designed with every one of you in mind. now a hub where fellow ADHDers can share and exchange stories, tips, and strategies for living with ADHD.

Trust me, you're not alone! Get the app, connect, and feel free to ask anything you want. Count on us!

[Sources] Sources 

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