AI for ADHD: Best Tools Including Goblin AI Review

Vlad Solomakha
March 27, 2024

Recent advancements in AI opened new ways for developers can make apps for ADHD people. Artificial intelligence can take the burden of planning, breaking down tasks, and more. Today we want to review the best ADHD AI apps.


Numo ADHD is the go-to ADHD app. Aside tasks break down that Kawaii or Goblin tools can do, Numo can Prioritise them. It uses hypothetical on urgency and importance and in the end you get list or task priorities from Ai.


  • Ability to prioritize and break down tasks with Ai
  • Neurodiverse community of other ADHDers
  • Bite-size stories where you can learn new coping skills


  • Unique Ai ADHD features
  • Fresh and ADHD-focused design


  • Not available for web

Kawaii Tasks

Kawaii is a super simple ADHD Ai app that allows you to split your tasks into subtasks and track their completion. It can be your lightweight Ai to-do.

Once you launch it, you can type what you need to do, and once you do that, artificial intelligence takes care of the rest.


  • Ai tasks break down
  • Regular to-do capabilities
  • History of tasks and subtasks


  • Ease of use and design
  • Fully free on iOS and Android!


  • Too cute :3

Goblin Tools is a popular Ai toolset on the web. Goblin allows you to enter your tasks in a regular to-do format and then estimate or split them. Aside from this it has few other, not connected tools that people with ADHD might find helpful depending on the main problems.


  • Magic ToDo and Compiler with Ai task break down and estimation
  • Formalizer tool to turn any text into structured writing
  • Judge tool that detects your tone


  • Available on the web


  • Obsolete and not mobile friendly design
  • Paid on iOS and Android

[ChatGPT]ChatGPT for ADHD

What we can say, ChatGPT from Open Ai is a Swiss knife of all Ai’s for ADHD. But with huge flexibility in how you can use it comes responsibility that you need to find prompts (other name of messages that you write there).


  • Flexibly ask-the-question get-the-answer interface
  • Variety of different prompts for ADHD that you can find
  • Most powerful technological engine


  • Huge variety possibilities
  • Free mobile app


  • No specific ADHD-focused features
  • Easy to get lost

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Each app has unique features and pros and cons, but all utilize Ai to help with ADHD symptoms. We really like Kawaii tasks for it’s simplicity, so check it out if you’re starting your journey with Ai. 

Goblin tools ai provides different ADHD Ai hacks and great variety of features, but we don’t like it’s design and the fact that it’s paid on your phones.

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