Numo 3.3: Updated Squads MATCHING, EMOTIONS, and EDITING

Vlad Solomakha

May 31, 2023


Check out what's new in our latest iOS and Android app update.

Another week, other updates to Squads

Squad Updates

- Now we politely remove your mates after 3 days of their inactivity

- We started combining active users together

Updated emotional check-in

New Emotions

- 12 more emotions to express how you feel

- We update this screen design to make it more delightful

- Finally, we’ve updated their indications inside the squads

Edit and delete your posts!

Posts' Editing

- Made a typo? Don’t worry, you can edit your post

- Think you wrote something horrible no one in the world should see? Delete it

See you later,

Strawberry au revoir!

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