Numo 3.5: AI for ADHD, New iOS Widgets, and neat app refinements

Vlad Solomakha

May 31, 2023


Explore how AI can improve your ADHD life, learn about new iOS widgets, and dozen of small refinements in the latest Numo app version.



We aim to remove all obstacles in your ADHD life. So you can focus on important things without thinking about what to do. Today we start with Ai tasks prioritization!

- You'll see tips appearing on top of your todos after adding new tasks

- Tap them, and Numo Ai will automatically prioritize your todos with the understanding of the time, urgency, and size of the task

- Secret hack: shake your phone while on a todo list to start it anytime

Hot iOS Widgets

iOS Widgets

- 3 home screen widgets: tasks, streak+motivation, or a big widget with both

- 3 lock screen widgets: tasks, streak, and a shortcut to add a new task

Neat refinements

Neat refinements

- Double-check what you wrote in the comments section before sending with multi-line a comment preview

- Find hot discussions faster, now we display the number of comments on posts without opening the post

- Motivating empty states when you don't have upcoming or repeating tasks

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